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This is the proposed agenda for the upcoming Tools Team meeting. Attendees can feel free to add items here for the upcoming meeting. The actual agenda is decided at meeting time and then codified in the minutes.

  1. Discussion of the use of Docker for tooling. See  TOOL-66 - Getting issue details... STATUS  for background.
  2. Request for HTTPServer to be brought back into the GDP and potentially into the baseline. See GDP-709 - Getting issue details... STATUS  for background.
  3. Follow up on the breakout meeting and discussions on the component spec.
  4. Franca plus repo released to GitHub: franca plus repository
  5. Need to determine definitively the naming of Franca+ to avoid confusion and respect trademark or copyright attribution (or both :).
  6. Progress on CANDevStudio if there is interest. I can see that code is being committed in the git repo
  7. Any other business


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