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  • Franca for WAMP and for IoT as well as possibly other domains that GENIVI might connect to.
  • This might be useful for the Asian attendees 
  • Generation of REST API via Crossbar
  • AI: Jeremiah Foster – Contact Philippe and ask him about details for presentation in Seoul on how Franca can help with domain adoption. Klaus has no plans at the moment to be in Seoul but can join via telephone.
  • One direction to take is a PyFranca approach to expand Franca beyond its Java implementation. There is a risk that the different implementations support the standard differently or lack feature parity.
  • It may be possible to create a common test suite for both pyfranca ( and Franca
  • Stephen: quick look at the project, looks like you have to change the kernel configuration to enable tracing.
    • The BIT however needs to complete the automated testing work and adding the Guider project might be quite useful but adoption as part the current automated testing is not planned
    •  Guider might be better suited as a part of the GDP SDK or maybe a free standing project in the Tools Team
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