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  • Franca for WAMP and for IoT as well as possibly other domains that GENIVI might connect to.
  • This might be useful for the Asian attendees 
  • Generation of REST API via Crossbar
  • One direction to take is a PyFranca approach to expand Franca beyond its Java implementation. There is a risk that the different implementations support the standard differently or lack feature parity.
    • Gunnar and Klaus have been in touch with the project
  • It may be possible to create a common test suite for both pyfranca ( and Franca
    • Positive feedback from the PyFranca folks about a common test suite
  • Stephen: quick look at the project, looks like you have to change the kernel configuration to enable tracing.
    • The BIT however needs to complete the automated testing work and adding the Guider project might be quite useful but adoption as part the current automated testing is not planned
    •  Guider might be better suited as a part of the GDP SDK or maybe a free standing project in the Tools Team
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