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Some of you may have noticed I released Yocto Project 2.3 (Pyro) support for R-Car Gen 3 (H3/M3/E3 SoC) based boards some weeks ago and that pull requests have been created to integrate the support into the GDP project.

I am happy to announce that initial work is now complete and R-Car Gen 3 support is available for both the Genivi Yocto Baseline (meta-ivi) and the Genivi Development Platform.

Developer Summary

Starting with support for YP 2.3 (Pyro) the Genivi Yocto BSP has been split into two layers, meta-renesas a community Yocto BSP providing Yocto support and meta-ivi-renesas to adapt the Yocto BSP to the needs of the Genivi Yocto Baseline.

PurposeRepository LocationBranch
Community Yocto BSP support

Adapt community Yocto BSP (meta-renesas) to Genivi Yocto Baseline (meta-ivi)

Support has been merged into the GDP Master branch for inclusion in the upcoming GDP-13 release.

Please see the section below for notes on migration and the changes.

Developer Notes

Splitting the Genivi Yocto BSP into two layers

For a variety of reasons prior to Genivi 13 Renesas provided Genivi support in a single Yocto BSP layer. This layer provided both community support for a specific Yocto version and contained the changes required by the Genivi Yocto Baseline.

Splitting the Genivi 13 support into two layers has some useful advantages. Principally that the community Yocto BSP layer can be re-used across multiple alliances as it only provides Yocto support. The same community Yocto BSP could be used across both Genivi and AGL for example.

This change means that a separate layer is required to hold the changes to adapt it to the Genivi Yocto Baseline. After discussion how best to maintain such a layer alongside meta-ivi in the BIT I decided to create the new layer meta-ivi-renesas. As it is tightly associated with meta-ivi and Genivi it is hosted in the Genivi organisation in github. Please send Genivi related changes to meta-ivi-renesas.

Changes specific to GDP, will remain in the GDP layers as always.

Note for users of Genivi 10, 11 and 12 support will remain in the existing git repository so that existing references continue to work.

Hopefully that is clear. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Migration Guide

This support is based on upstream Yocto BSP release v2.19.

Please update to the gfx and mmp packages for Yocto BSP v2.23. Users of the "click through" packages that require no NDA can download both packages here.
Background to the update: Weston 2.0 contains a fix to an upstream buffer handling issue. The v2.19 packages contained a workaround to the original issue which when combined with Weston 2.0 will result in an inverted screen. v2.23 reverts the workaround and therefore returns the screen to the correct orientation.

Please refer to the table below for the correct dtb to use for your board and SoC:

BoardSoCDTB Filename
M3 Starter KitM3


H3 Starter KitH3 WS 1.0, WS 1.1Image-r8a7795-es1-h3ulcb.dtb
H3 Starter KitH3 WS 2.0Image-r8a7795-h3ulcb.dtb
Salvator-XH3 WS 1.0, WS 1.1Image-r8a7795-es1-salvator-x.dtb
Salvator-XH3 WS 2.0Image-r8a7795-salvator-x.dtb
Salvator-XSH3 WS 2.0Image-r8a7795-salvator-xs.dtb

Known Issues

  1. By default GDP selects the first enumerated display for output, which for the Salvator-X board means VGA. To run GDP using the HDMI connector please disable the LVDS and VGA outputs in your weston.ini. This ensures GDP selects the correct display. See JIRA ticket GDP-569 - Getting issue details... STATUS for discussion of this GDP issue.
  2. Building optee-os requires libMagickWand to be installed on your host machine. Many linux distros, including Ubuntu, ship with it installed, but if it is not please install it. See JIRA ticket GDP-598 - Getting issue details... STATUS for details.