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These instructions should get you up and running with the vehicle signal interface demonstration usinig WAMP and crossbar on the minnowboard platform. Unfortunately it doesn't work with any non-amd64 platforms as of today, it relies on a pre-compiled binary of vsi-socketcand. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Flash and install a target as usual with an image from the feature-
  2. Boot the system up
  3. Login through ssh
  4. Run pip3 install --ignore-installed setuptools, this installs a newer version of setuptools required by crossbar

  5. Run pip3 install crossbar asyncio, this installs crossbar and dependencies. Be aware that it's under Affero GPLv3

  6. Run ln -s /lib/ /lib64, there's a precompiled amd64 version of the vsi-socketcand from libvsi installed and required by the vsi-web-demo, which relies on /lib64 being linked to /lib.

  7. Reboot
  8. You should be able to reach the VSI demo by opening a web browser (chromium for example) and pointing it to http://localhost:8080. There's also a VSI demo button on the home screen.