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  • Tooling for working on ADAS
  • If Itemis is working on this, or any company for that matter, perhaps a discussion and presentation to the Tools Team would be good?
    • That link holds more information and a presentation;
    • Using CDT to build open source tooling for ADAS
    • Using GDB and CDT to provide heterogeneous multicore debugging using Eclipse
    • Using Trace Compass to build advanced tracing tools for ADAS
    • Using TCF and CDT for Linux application debugging ADAS and Automated Drive applications need the high-end computing power of the SoCs to analyse the car’s surroundings and for cognitive computing processing.
  • There's also a DIRO project in the pipe that isrelated.  I have set up a placeholder page: System Health/Debugging/Analysis (incl. Log & Trace)
  • Current TT time is considered okay and regular meetings to resume in the second week of January. That week is the week of CES but FOSDEM and next AMM are upcoming in February and March so we'll want to start as soon as we can.

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