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What are GENIVI and FASTR and announcing?

The GENIVI Alliance (GENIVI) and Future of Automotive Security Technology Research (FASTR) have announced they are combining resources to tackle the cybersecurity challenges facing the automotive industry.


What do GENIVI and FASTR envision for future outputs of their joint work?

As vehicles become increasingly connected and software-powered, the need for a comprehensive, end-to-end security model becomes even more critical.  The joint work endeavors to look at automotive cybersecurity holistically and to deliver guidelines and research that helps stakeholders build, deliver, and manage secure vehicles in the future.


Why did GENIVI and FASTR enter into this agreement?

The purpose is to combine the efforts of GENIVI and FASTR in a manner that will advance the interests of both organizations and produce valuable output to the industry. By combining strengths and areas of interest, GENIVI is augmenting its existing security-related efforts by leveraging FASTR’s foundational research and deep understanding of emerging security technologies. FASTR’s assets will supplement the work of the GENIVI Security Team to deliver a vision for automotive cybersecurity.


Will GENIVI and FASTR become one organization?

The newly combined security activities will operate within the GENIVI Security Team.


Who can engage in this new, combined Security Team? Will GENIVI members automatically gain entry to FASTR, and vice versa?

Current members of both organizations may engage with the new combined security team at any time.

FASTR organizational members in good standing will be offered the opportunity to transfer their membership into GENIVI.  FASTR individual members may participate in the combined security team based on their individual interests and areas of expertise. 

Other organizations and individuals not currently members of either organization are welcome to join the combined work and consider membership in GENIVI.


Will the current GENIVI and FASTR membership terms and benefits change?

All participants on the combined security team will operate under GENIVI terms and conditions. FASTR corporate members transitioning to GENIVI membership will be provided with the benefits associated with the corresponding GENIVI membership tier.

How will GENIVI and FASTR work together? 

The new combined security team will build upon the foundations already established in areas of threat modeling, secure software over-the-air updates, developing secure software and other assets already delivered by both organizations.  Additional projects and deliverables will be determined during upcoming workshops and regular Security Team meetings.   Details on the team roadmap and plans will be published on the GENIVI wiki.   


What will happen to the In-Flight FASTR projects?

In-flight FASTR working group projects will continue under the new combined Security Team at GENIVI’s discretion.


I’m not involved in either GENIVI or FASTR, but interested in automotive security.  What should I do?

View more info on the GENIVI/FASTR combined security team’s mission and vision and how to get engaged here.

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