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The GENIVI Development Platform is becoming the default platform for a IVI and connected car software proofs of concept, demonstrations and innovation projects for a Linux based IVI system. GDP is also a default starting point for an IVI production program based on Linux and a compliant GENIVI middleware platform..


Depending on whether you are rapidly prototyping IVI solutions or need a near-product-ready starting point for a commercial product or IVI program, the GDP is a great tool for reaching your goals.  A fully functioning GDP proves that GENIVI's component choices can work together and is an available reference for developers to integrate, test, and build their own IVI modules, applications, and connected car solutions.

See the demo live

It is important to understand that the GENIVI community is developing and delivering the GDP iteratively.  That means that certain functional pieces of the platform are yet to be integrated and fully tested.  We welcome your help in identifying gaps and helping to close them with contributed, open source software either produced by you or available in upstream projects.   In some ways, the GDP is a tool box that you can use to build your own IVI and connected car solution. Along your journey in GENIVI you will have to choose your path depending on your needs and preferences. And this is the case with the GDP in that there are several possible variants of GDP (a variant being a combination of  target hardware, a software baseline, and demo applications). 

One variant is presented in the following movie :

GDP explained by Steve Crumb :


GDP variants                      

Other variants can be built. To configure your demo you have to choose from bottom to top a target Hardware, a GENIVI Baseline, and the Demo Apps you want to integrate

Demo Apps

Remote Vehicle Interaction
 Audio Manager Monitor  
 Web Browser PoC   
 3D Navigation rendering    
 Fuel Stop Advisor    

App&HMI Framework

Yocto Baselineversion ivi7version ivi9version ivi7version ivi9version ivi9 
Baserock Baseline version ivi7version ivi7version ivi7version ivi7version ivi7


Intel Based
Minnowboard MAX

PC Emulation
QEmu X86-64

Renesas RCar
M2 Koelsch

Renesas RCar
M2 Porter

ARM NVidia
Jetson Board

Build your own demo

The instructions to build your demo can be found on GDP Wiki pages