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The group has discussed a few different ways to extend Qt with new Graphics Sharing capabilities, as well as evaluating what exists already.

Currently there are two ideas of possible integration, input and comments are welcome and very desirable!

Idea #1

Export RAMSES content from Qt 3D studio


  • first step could be to just provide RAMSES export functionality in 3D studio to save scenes as files
  • next steps could be to also provide a Qt-flavored library to load/control the scenes (and/or ramses renderer instances)
    • For example: use QML existing classes, but extend them with RAMSES functionality
    • Could even consider using existing Qt features and only inject a RAMSES renderer, opaque for the user

Idea #2

Extend Qt Quick with RAMSES support


  • Could re-use existing QML scene graph
  • Create RAMSES content on-the-fly out of Qt Quick's native 2.5D scene
  • Provide additional API (or QML syntax) to control distribution over ramses, e.g.:
  • Update Qt Quick native scene and RAMSES scene at the same time
  • On the "receiver side", extend QML window widget to be able to receive RAMSES scenes
  • Provide API/interface to control scenes, assign them to QML windows
  • Could extend with further ramses features on demand

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