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Drafting  a thinking process and relevant details.

Start with a Environment

- Simple start:  Traditional 3-display setup   Cluster/IVI/RSE
- Consider also "modern" concept ideas – full display (but implemented as segments) across dashboard, head-up across windshield, etc..

Start with a Use case
- A particular function (Media, video, navigation, "HMI interaction" (menus etc) may drive different needs.

Analyze environments

- What hardware capabilities exist
- interconnect network (inside SoC / between hardware chips)

- SoC internal bandwidth, memory bandwidth

- Network connection between ECUs
- Hypervisors --> performance and bandwidth
- SoC feature - display layers, virtualization support?

- where can I render?
- where can I process?
- where is the source of content?
- where should it be displayed?
- network bandwidth
- screen & graphics resolution needs

Other constraints

- Operating system capabilities?  Available software.
- Organizational constraints?  (Number of speaking partners e.g. ECU suppliers, technology providers)
- Pre-selected limitations on supplier choice, price, platform, etc.


- 5 categories
- typical requirements (or consequences) for choosing each
 – in terms of bandwidth... processing...


- Development risk?  (cost, delays...)

Analysis and choice methods

- Provide methods for getting from all the complexities above to an actual choice.
- Step 1.  List XXX   Step 2.
- Comparison tables
- Other analysis methods (risk analysis?  FMEA?)

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