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With the recent release of meta-ivi v15.0.x the Genivi Baseline was re-based on Yocto Project 2.6 (Thud). It's therefore a good time to write a blog about support for it and GDP on Renesas R-Car Gen 3.

R-Car Gen 3 Community Yocto BSP v3.15.0/v3.19.0 for YP 2.6 (Thud)

Yocto BSP v3.15.0 was used during the majority of the development cycle for meta-ivi v15.0.x and has therefore received the most testing. At the end of the cycle v3.19.0 was released upstream and I have sanity checked that it works.

At the time of writing the meta-ivi CI and GDP sub-modules point at Yocto BSP v3.15.0. I will be updating both to v3.19.0 soon.

Developer Summary

PurposeRepository locationBranch
Upstream Yocto BSP support

Adapt Yocto BSP (meta-renesas) to Genivi Yocto Baseline (meta-ivi)


I continue to maintain pages discussing the building of Genivi s/w for R-Car in the meta-ivi Yocto BSP wiki area. From there you can find a link to a new page covering building Genivi 15 for YP 2.6 (Thud).

Genivi Yocto Baseline

I have successfully sanity tested building the 15.0.x Genivi Yocto Baseline using the Community YBSP v3.15.0 and v3.19.0 for Thud on the M3 Starter Kit. Testing of the other boards will follow, but I do not expect any issues and see no reason for you to wait before trying them.

See the Documentation section above on how to build it.


GDP is in the process of being rebased on Thud in Github PR 231. I have posted Github PR #9 to update GDP to use the R-Car Thud support.

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