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- GENIVI SDK and Common Development Environment

 - copy internal CDE contents to new public page (Action PK)
 - GDP to move its discussion to the genivi-projects list

Summary of GDP SDK hands-on: VM allows development in Eclipse, or Qt Creator - suitable for infrastructure development, could develop kernel module, setup to target the Renesas board. Or use Qt creator for app development. Remote debugging was not seen on the day, but should be working at some point. QEMU support will ultimately be provided too according to Frederic, but there may be issues using this for Qt-based development. Demo used desktop shell, not ivi-shell.

QEMU is an important use-case. RPI would be interesting too.

GDP hands-on was very well received, only problem was too many people so the session had to be split. 

SL: Obvious next step could be training on the components of the GDP. PS: could we request a video of the GDP demo (key points)? (but content is already on the Wiki) SL: could we get feedback from attendees on the hands-on session? Action PS check with Frederic/Joel about feedback via questionnaire/survey.

Was the SDK VM specific for the AMM, or was it the normal GDP? Could this VM be built locally with automation? (steps are already documented on the wiki)

Work out how to get the VM distributed - Action SL take this to the BIT and report back

- Modeling-related topics (Franca, EA, Component Models, ...)

 - Yamaica to migrate to public wiki ACTION Manfred
 - Franca, ACTION Klaus to check the situation for this

- Standardising Eclipse

 - create a table with column for compliance
 - which eclipse version required
 - aim for collection by Fall AMM
 - identify problems
 - Action Klaus to start

- Need to provide overview for tools used by/for/with GENIVI systems Action PS wiki gardening

- IPC-related topics (CommonAPI C++ and C, IoNAS, ...)

 - let's aim for migration if IPC content into public wiki
 - there was a good session at AMM, this is moving forward, code is being generated. interested parties should get involved now.
 - PK needs to turn slides into requirements
 - PK seeking permission to go public with this content and wiki pages
 - can the AUTOSAR content also be moved to the genivi wiki? discussion is continuing on this.
 - there is already documentation for AUTOSAR to/from Franca transformation
 - Action PS write to IPC list about genivi-projects

- tool support for testing / test automation

 - unit testing is out of scope - project should choose its own
 - functional, blackbox and user-level testing in scope
 - we need some testing that component versions which are specified actually work in the baselines
 - could we aim to move compliance more towards automation
 - could aim for executable tests to help developers
 - previous SoW attempt failed because benefits were not properly established for BoD
 - SL, JF, Collabora are looking at a prototype around Lava
 - could we take this to the upstream communities? Action PS to try :-)

Carried forward to next meeting: - porting GDP on Debian: rationale and workplan (Jeremiah as owner)

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