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General discussion about how to track actions

- Gunnar separates them out in the minutes, and has a specific section in the meeting to review previous actions
- Pavel wants to restrict number of tools
- Klaus wants there to be a tool - Trello or Jira is ok

In the short term we'll use Trello, until public Jira is available

Eclipse standardisation

- Klaus has made good progress here, established that AutoIWG already has a good basis for standard Eclipse - just add GENIVI components :-)
- Gunnar and others will try it out
- probably worth creating a script to add the GENIVI tools to it
- long-term could aim for alignment with the AutoIWG group
- Klaus requests that others review and improve the table [1]


- Klaus B. created a list of Franca-related pages which are candidates for migration to public wiki
- the Franca IDL Usage Guidelines page should be migrated to public
- Marco to be owner of public page resolve how to do versioning

Public confluence

- Pavel concern about moving from Confluence to MediaWiki and then back (lots of folks agree with this) we need to resolve this quickly if possible.
- Action Paul chase Joel

Klaus U. introduced "Talking" enums

 - this looks useful
 - add this as an optional header
 - footprint implications?
 - this exposed additional survey question on how we debug in general
 - Action Klaus take this to the lists

Survey of GENIVI community on tools used etc

- potential questions were documented in the trello card [2]
- Action Paul to prepare and send out first draft to a subset of TT members

[1] [2]

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