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Minutes 20150608[edit]

Previous minutes/actions:

  • migration to public wiki tasks are on hold til we have public Confluence - that is being tracked in PMO
  • Work out how to get the VM distributed - Action SL take this to the BIT and report back (GA to discuss in Volvo, Codethink may also be able to help via public discussion)
  • (brought forward) Action PS write to IPC list about genivi-projects
  • (brought forward) SL, JF, Collabora are looking at an automated testing prototype possibly around Lava - could we take this to the upstream communities? Action PS to try :-)



  • tidyup wiki so the minutes are easy to find - action PS
  • Marco: can we use Franca to change encoding of enumerators?

GA - let's continue this discussion, not in this forum. Action Marco re-frame email to the lists

  • PS raised the questions of whether Tools Team should consider any tooling aspects around the SOTA initiative - consensus was NO at this time.

FALL AMM[edit]

  • We proposed a Tools working session. action PS to add this to the plan
  • Re-starting Car Data Logging maybe with DLT? action PR invite TTM members to join the Korea call if there is real progress on this
  • SL: What about a hands-on for tools? Action PS explore Franca/IPC hands-on with KB (maybe redo some material from the Spring AMM, plus some hands on, hopefully to interest AGL folks too)
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