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  • it seems a bit difficult to keep continuity on two-weekly calls. therefore we shall try weekly shorter calls for a while. The calls will take place every Monday, 3PM CET - initial target will be 30 minute duration for main business, but some discussion may run longer if there is interest.


  • public wiki choice still with PMO
  • bring forward: Work out how to get the VM distributed - Action SL take this to the BIT and report back
  • strike this: (brought forward) Action PS write to IPC list about genivi-projects - there has been good discussion, cross-posting to genivi-projects as appropriate. no need for the PS action. 
  • (brought forward) SL, JF, Collabora are looking at an automated testing prototype possibly around Lava - could we take this to the upstream communities? This is now a topic itself for Tools Team, see below.
  • encoding of enumerations was discussed at SAT F2F.
 Action GA continue with Marco
 Action GA check scripting with PMO


  • we had 50 respondents to the survey, which hopefully give some confidence that this work is of real interest to the community
  • PS raised that approximately 60% of respondents want to see emphasis on automated test and continuous integration. We discussed this and agreed that we should get involved ( initially discussing with JF and Collabora on the existing work. 
  • further discussion of the survey results can happen at future meetings


FALL AMM[edit]

  • possible demo of new common api - add discussion on this to agenda for meeting in 2 weeks time
  • PS to check attendees - [RFC] email sent to genivi-projects list
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