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Previous Minutes (carried forward)[edit]

  • public wiki choice still with PMO
  • bring forward: Work out how to get the VM distributed - Action SL take this to the BIT and report back
  • (brought forward) SL, JF, Collabora are looking at an automated testing prototype possibly around Lava - could we take this to the upstream communities? This is now a topic itself for Tools Team, see below.
  • PS to check TT AMM attendees DONE. Confirmed so far PS, Marco Residori, Gunnar, Jeremiah, Klaus Uhl, Pavel Konopelko
  • encoding of enumerations was discussed at SAT F2F.
 Action GA check scripting with PMO

 New Topics[edit]

  • how can Tools Team establish a working environment for users? Does this relate to the Debian initiative? Is this a synonym for SDK? Patching D-Bus is not an option on people's host environments. (
  • CI and Automated Test. PS proposes to establish a public-facing CI which will at a minimum build genivi baselines. Step 2 will be to have it deploy to actual hardware - PS requested 2 boards from SL to support this (
  • co-operation with AGL - we clarified that other areas of GENIVI (eg SAT) are engaged on this for their specific areas of interest. We should focus on Tools Team scope, i.e. 
 - Franca
 - IPC
 - CIAT (continuous integration and automated test)

Ongoing Tasks ([edit]

Fall AMM[edit]

Was not discussed... carry forward:

  • possible demo of new common api - add discussion on this to agenda for meeting 6th July
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