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Previous Minutes (carried forward)[edit]

  • new public Confluence is now live for early-adopters/beta test at please could folks who have held back on migrating from GENIVI private confluence try copy-and-paste to see how it looks? (for example see the Parked/Dropped actions at

  • VM distribution was discussed at the BIT meeting. Build and 

distribution could be seen as part of the CIAT initiative.

  • enumerations: discussed compatibility between commonAPI 3 

and Franca 0.9.2 (this is due later in the summer) - currently it is compatible with 0.9.1

  - good progress. this can be dropped from these minutes
  • constants
  - Marco asks: does current version support constants?
  - Klaus Uhl - constants are not yet supported publicly (but this has been implemented internally at Intel)
  • co-operation with AGL - we clarified that other areas of GENIVI (eg 

SAT) are engaged on this for their specific areas of interest. We should focus on Tools Team scope, i.e.

  - Franca
  - IPC
  - CIAT (continuous integration and automated test)
   Walt agreed that Franca and IPC topics may be of interest to AGL 


   Now could be a good time to refresh information on the public lists.
   Walt tracked down the original Franca webinar link at

  • CI and Automated Test. PS wrote up some thinking on the new wiki at We had some discussion around this, and Walt confirmed that there is an opportunity for collaboration on this, combining experience and resources, adopting a common approach if possible. Walt also noted that AGL plans to use the LTSI test framework


New Topics[edit]

  • possible demo of new common api (juergen gehring) - carried forward, 

Juergen was not present

Ongoing Tasks ([edit]

  • action KB to check Gunnar's review of Eclipse Automotive vs Eclipse 


  • action SL post his GDP patches to the list 



  • how can Tools Team establish a working environment for users? Does this relate to the Debian initiative? Is this a synonym for SDK? 

Patching D-Bus is not an option on people's host environments. ( Action PS get Jeremiah to participate if possible


Fall AMM[edit]

  • there has been some progress on the automation. FIXME
  • No labels