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Genivi Tools 2015-07-20[edit]

Klaus Uhl, Klaus Birken, Stephen, Georg, Gunnar, Manfred... and others :) 

Initial discussion with Georg: would there be interest in generating something out of Franca for use in Fitnesse (or other test frameworks)

The wiki wars :-)[edit]

GA: Joel said he will check if the URL can/should change. Don't think we expected to be under the Atlassian domain. For me I think the strategy is not clear and consistent. Do we really know that this will be the official new Wiki? 

PS: Someone needs to set up the basic structure and home page.

GA: AFAIK Joel does not have this action assigned. Jeremiah set up the basics of the previous Wiki I think. He may not want to redo it again.

GA: Jeremiah seems to be outside of this discussion. Is he on board with the change? That's why I'm asking, are all typical stakeholders on board? Is the setup of this a Tools or PMO responsibility?

PS: we can raise it with PMO at tomorrow's call. In the meantime if folks can try signing up and migrating some existing content from GENIVI private wiki this would be helpful


GENIVI Demo Platform[edit]

VM distribution of R-Car version:

  • long term this should be in the CI
  • medium term Frederic has asked Ned to consider modifying the build to remove the drivers
  • short term, manually remove the files - user would click through

VM distribution of QEMU version:

  • not released yet

A SoW is required - could be written by Tools Team, or BIT

  • system that would pull GDP sources together
  • generate a binary release
  • publish in a way which satisfies the LRT
  • this looks a lot like part of the CI requirement, so seems relevant for Tools

Constants in CommonAPI etc[edit]

  • Feature request to support constants in CommonAPI filed (KU)
  • Implementation will be available with CommonAPI 3.1.3 soon
  • Mapping of Franca IDL constants to the UML model missing in YAMAICA

Co-operation with AGL[edit]

- Franca: could upstream assist with generating testcase content from Franca?

 - yes it's an interesting concept
 - what kind of things would it be interesting to test out of Franca?
 - Action Georg explore whether existing customer test requirements can be
   shared somehow
 - Could we collect existing content related to testing of interfaces using
   Franca, then someone writes a proposal for consideration by AGL + GENIVI

- discussion about testing:

 Walt: AGL expects to use LTSI test framework
 Manfred: D-Bus can be tapped through DLT D-Bus Connector. its in the DLT
 repository. tapping D-Bus is independent of any CommonAPI

October AMM[edit]

  • limited BMW attendance, so no common-api demo. Better to aim for Spring16


  • Stephen: Porter boards for test project are to be shipped :)
  • PS We'll need intel boards and others too :)


  • PS has still not sent a working invite for this meeting (last one was out by an hour). Will try again
  • Codethink has created a trial instance of shout-irc, configured to default to #automotive channel on freenode [1]. Readers of these minutes are welcome to request an account there to try it out. Alternatively, several well-established web-based irc services are available, notably irccloud [1] and freenode's own [3]

[1] [2] [3]

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