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== GENIVI Tools Team Meeting Starting == 13:02

Georg is demonstrating franca into Fitnesse tests 13:02

Marco asks if this can do semi-automated tests 13:05

Georg says this could be integrated into a cd environment 13:05



PS requests that team members try migrating a small number of pages to the so we can report if we do in fact want to go this way 13:13

Pavel has noticed that it's not possible to get to the markup in this version (it's wysiwyg) 13:13

PS requests that we finalize the wiki discussion/decision by next week if at all possible 13:15

PK proposed to Joel to have conf call to discuss high-level structure for the wiki 13:44

(maybe this could happen at the next tools team meeting) 13:46


GDP freeze issue is being investigated elsewhere 13:21


PS asks if the CIAT SoW actually covers the requirements for GDP release 13:22

SL thinks it's uncontroversial, but may be a 'horizon' document 13:22

(ie how long will it take?) 13:23

SL has questions about phasing and how it integrates with other things 13:25

PS requests review of 13:26

BIT has a focussed LAVA-poc that could be a natural input to this 13:28

PS requests who is interested in advancing implementation of the CIAT before AMM 13:42


Is there more to think about wrt Constants in CommonAPI 13:29

CommonAPI 3.1.3 does support constants :-) !! 13:30

w00t :) 13:30

  • CTtpollard is interested in the LAVA-poc 13:30

Klaus undertook to write something on testing of interfaces using Franca, then someone writes a proposal for consideration by AGL + GENIVI 13:35


some members can not be there. could we therefore aim for sessions afternoon/late korea time 13:36

aiming for a Franca presentation 13:36

action: get a slide/material regarding commonapi 13:39

tools team readout 13:40

  • waltminer enjoyed Paul’s use of the word “riposte” in a sentence 13:51

rjek touché. 13:53


PS proposed to try next week's meeting on IRC only. will document this request on the mailing list, seeking +1/-1 from attendees 13:59

meeting ends

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