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On 6 March, GENIVI received word that the below mentioned Automotive Cybersecurity Event was officially postponed to 22-24 June.  Since then, the leadership of the GENIVI Security Team has decided to also postpone the planned face-to-face workshop and reception to align with the June schedule.  As logistics for this workshop are finalized, GENIVI will announce the new schedule and location (if changed).  


Vehicle cybersecurity continues to be a very hot topic in the industry and third-party events seem to be a great place to advance the dialogue about how automakers and suppliers should collaborate on standard approaches for reducing security threats. 

The GENIVI Security Team has chosen the week of the upcoming Automotive Cybersecurity Event in Detroit (30 March - 1 April) to continue the discussions started during last November's workshop during the GENIVI Technical Summit.  The Security Team, under the leadership of Joby Jester from Irdeto, is planning three activities during the days of this event.  The Automotive Cybersecurity Event, presented by IQPC, is a for-pay event and attendees must register to attend here

On 30 March (8:30 am), as part of the "training day" of the IQPC program, GENIVI will lead a workshop entitled "Product Security Evaluation Workshop - How to Get Ready for ISO/SAE 21434".  Future rules and regulations like ISO/SAE 21434 will require automotive manufacturers to perform and document cybersecurity risk assessments for each product.  This session will help participants interpret and implement this emerging standard.

Also on 30 March (2:00- 5:00 pm) in Novi (suburb of Detroit), the GENIVI Security Team will hold a face-to-face workshop and reception with the following agenda:

  • Introduction to the GENIVI Security Team
  • ISO 21434 - How to Handle a Changing Cybersecurity Landscape (Bill Mazzara, FCA, will be a guest speaker)
  • Cybersecurity Requirements - How to Keep Security Controls Updated
  • Collaboration - Is this the Future Model of Automotive Cybersecurity?
  • Interactive Discussions, Feedback and Opportunities
  • Walk-in Topics from Attendees
  • Wrap-Up and Social Networking with Food/Beverage.

There is no charge for this GENIVI-hosted gathering (held at the Sidecar Slider Bar restaurant in Novi), but for planning purposes, GENIVI requests registering here (use passcode "collaboration").  To be clear, this workshop is not directly associated with the IQPC event.

Returning to the IQPC event program in downtown Detroit, on 31 March (1:30pm), GENIVI will moderate a panel entitled, "A 'Commodity Approach' Toward Automotive Cybersecurity".  This panel seeks to answer the question, "Can automakers and suppliers benefit from a shared, commodity approach toward delivering relevant cybersecurity technologies?"  Cybersecurity experts from GM, Visteon and Harman will discuss how to engage more openly on cybersecurity challenges.  This panel along with the workshop planned on on the morning of 30 March are for pay activities of the IQPC Automotive Cybersecurity Event in downtown Detroit.  Registration for this event can be found here

Questions about the GENIVI Security Team activities can be sent to joby dot jester at irdeto dot com or to gandersson at genivi dot org.  Questions about the offsite workshop and reception can be sent to mikenunnery at comcast dot net.  You can also email Mike If you are a GENIVI member and want to benefit from a 20% discount for the IQPC event negotiated by GENIVI.  

If you are local to the Detroit/Novi area or have plans to participate in the IQPC event, please make sure to include these GENIVI-led activities in your plans.

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