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CommonAPI C++ and bindings have been moved to github, see overview at and see also the CommonAPI C++ homepage at Please make sure that you use code generators and runtime libraries with the same version by getting the code generator binaries from capicxx-core-tools/releases repository, capicxx-dbus-tools/releases repository and capicxx-someip-tools/releases repository. Otherwise you could get same strange compilation errors. Please note that a newer version of this wiki page can be accessed via capicxx-core-tools/wiki repository.

As stated above, all the documentation has moved.  Please refer to the version of this tutorial that is kept up to date.   It is linked from this page:

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  1. please note there is a shell script available at [] which is automating the described steps above.

    Thanks to Gunnar Andersson (old account, disabled) for providing it!

    1. The script is now updated, in accordance with new names/pathes etc.  It should be equivalent to the 10 minute guide on Wiki and both script and client/server seems to run OK.  It was tested using 3.1.10 version which is no longer the latest, but it is what the guide also uses.

      1. The script was recently again updated with the latest software component versions.

        There are now features to use the result from other projects (if the projects want to just use an already working setup of precompiled runtime libraries and code generators).