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One of many challenges facing a 11-year old organization like GENIVI is answering the question, "What does GENIVI stand for now?"  Glad you asked!  GENIVI has quietly been improving ways to help others understand our current mission and has significantly simplified its web content - an important source of information on GENIVI's recent activities and outputs.

GENIVI set a goal early this year to produce assets that could be easily forwarded within our member organizations to inform managers and other technologists that should be aware of the alliance work.  GENIVI has now produced a two-minute video that clearly communicates the current focus and technical scope of several active GENIVI projects.  I urge you to take two minutes to watch the video, capture the URL and pass it on to others inside your organization for awareness.  And, as appropriate, feel free to pass it on to your partners and clients.  GENIVI is actively recruiting new members and contributors to our work, so we welcome newcomers to check us out.

While the video was being delivered, GENIVI also did a refresh of it website and wiki.  Over the course of the last 11 years, GENIVI has met many goals and effectively completed the mission upon which it was originally launched (Linux-based, open source IVI platform).  And over the years, messaging about adoption, compliance and many other alliance outputs had overly complicated navigation on both the website and the wiki.  With the new look and simplified navigation, we hope and expect you will find the content you are looking for quicker and with far less"noisy content" to wade through on your way.  The GENIVI communications team welcomes input on both sites as we are always looking for ways to improve both web properties.  Feel free to email Steve Crumb with your thoughts and suggestions. 

For those of you who have been around a long time, you know that GENIVI also has a members-only wiki, in which we kept artifacts prior to our moving to a more open approach toward collaboration.  That members-only wiki still exists and has become sort of an repository for loads of older content.  So, we have it on our list to simplify its content as an upcoming project.  If you haven't visited that wiki lately (or have forgotten your credentials), no worries, as nearly all of our current work is done on the public wiki mentioned earlier in this blog.  Stay tuned for an another blog updating you on some of that member-only content, including the compliance specification and related compliance program.  And don't forget to check out the video and let us know what you think!

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