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On 18 February, over sixty individual participants from nearly 40 unique organizations gathered for a several hour working session discussing the activities of the Common Vehicle Interface Initiative (CVII).  Co-hosted by GENIVI and W3C, the working session offered an informative and (intentionally) diverse set of presentations and dialogs.  The schedule, divided into three major components, can be found on the associated wiki page, on which you can also find slides for most of the presentations.

After brief introductions by Ted Guild, W3C Automotive Lead, and Gunnar Andersson, GENIVI Technical Lead, the first major component of the session included a series of updates from existing and related projects.  These updates represented work already active in GENIVI and W3C and enabled participants see that CVII is already a mature and productive project, one built on a strong foundation of previously delivered work that is further blossoming within the activities of CVII.  

The second major component of the working session was about alignment to existing work in other organizations like Sensoris, eSync Alliance, and the Open Insurance Network.  Because the scope of CVII encompasses the work of many other organizations, an active work thread of alignment to the work of others is essential.

A third and final major component of the working session was focused on the CVII Technology Stack activities.  Informative talks on developing a common Vehicle Service Catalog and Vehicle Signal Specification layering were given by experts.  BMW and Bosch took time to contextualize CVII into their own, data-oriented future.  And finally, discussion was held about CVII-related activities both in-vehicle and in the broader ecosystem of connectivity like Web of Things.

A general purpose and open email list ( for keeping people informed on CVII was announced during the workshop and any one interested can subscribe at  For more information on CVII, please review the materials available on the CVII Home Page including a briefing document, an in-depth tutorial slide deck, and general information about upcoming events and meetings.  Contact information for both Ted and Gunnar can be found on the CVII Working Session wiki page

In addition to ongoing weekly meetings and webinars planned in coming weeks, CVII will be a major portion of the upcoming, GENIVI Virtual All Member Meeting, scheduled for 4-7 May 2021.  Stay tuned for more details about this important gathering of the GENIVI community and others interested in the work.

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