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  • This is a "classic" topic also discussed during Infotainment systems definition.
  • Aspects
    • Representing user identity within the vehicle
    • The person's role (driver, passenger, owner, valet/concierge, car-rental)
    • Method of identification (login/password, biometrics, ... etc.)
    • Method of tying the internal user representation in vehicle to (multiple) "identities" externally.  This means virtual identities and accounts.  (Email account, Social Media, etc. for the purpose of providing the user with interaction with those accounts)
    • Using external accounts with Single-Sign-On / OAUTH
    • User management (including purge accounts/data when vehicle ownership is transferred, or for car-pool/rental use cases)

(green star) A starting point exists in VSS.  Please consider evaluating and adding to this definition:  Vehicle.Identifier branch

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