This proposes following items:

LayerManagerControl: remove surface create and destroy api's
ivi-application: introduce new helper library
LayerManagerControl: add two subcmd for add/remove a surface to/from a layer.
ivi-controller: Correction ilm_takeScreenshot surface.
ivi-input: support touch and pointer on subsurface
ilmControl: destroy ivi-input-controller proxy at shutdown
ilmControl: free seat_contexts when wayland_context is destroyed
ilmControl: free accepted_seats when a surface is destroyed
ivi-controller: simplify screen/layer_set_render_order

Link to repository

Now we finished repository migration to GENIVI GitHub. You can download the latest code from here.

This release is pre-release of 1.11.0. It proposes following items:

  • Fix license relevant code
  • Remove update_layer/surface_prop
  • Refactor send_layer/surface_add_event
  • Adapt to wayland 1.11

Link to repository;a=shortlog;h=refs/tags/1.10.90

# (W.Natsume 7 Jul, 2016) Moved to Genivi GitHub --->