GENIVI-OCF call 13 May 2016 - 7am CET

Samsung: Sanjeev (Samsung OSG), Philippe Coval (Samsung OSG)
JLR: Anson Fan
GENIVI: Philippe R

Jira: https://at.projects.genivi.org/jira/projects/GOCF
recipe repo:

Agenda items
- cleaning of code after Paris AMM
- dissemination
- wiki update & videos

*cleaning of code after Paris AMM*

Anson's update
at JLR we had to twist the way ui applications were launched in GDP in order to implement the demos we prepared for the AMM (including genivi-ocf ui).
PhilR: recommends to add a jira ticket on the redesign of the launching of applications in GDP as a subtask of https://at.projects.genivi.org/jira/browse/GDP-154
*TODO* *Anson create the jira ticket with some description*

Philippe Coval's update
is moving the recipes to github at https://github.com/GENIVI/meta-genivi-ocf-demo
PhilR: recommends to ask Gunnar to review the pull request before it is merged
PhilC: has sent a review request to Gunnar

Sanjeev's update
not much done on the code base, was mainly focused on dissemination since AMM
the code base is more or less code, needs to build with GDP by himself, has a Minnowboard for this purpose
next week will clean the repo (on github)
the gateway seems to be generic enough to be IoT independent and therefore the code could be moved to a different hosting server than IoT
Philippe: recommends to use genivi github of course, it might be worth cross-checking with Rudi about the host server
*TODO* *Sanjeev check with Rudi about the hosting server for the gateway code base*
short discussion on the licensing of the recipes: Apache 2.0 will be used to align with OCF license policy, this is a genivi green license
next week also: will integrate and test genevi-ocf demo with the latest OCF version (1.1)

Sanjeev: has advertised the demo and the work internally at Samsung and in the public space
was in the W3C meeting in Paris where Rudi Streif presented the genivi-ocf demo. W3C likes the idea of the gateway and would like to use it in the standardization process
Sanjeev has submitted the code of genivi-ocf demo to various contests
Sanjeev and Rudi made a presentation of the genivi-ocf work to OMA incubator project last week
basically Sanjeev has shared all available public information
Sanjeev: needs marketing materials to explain why genivi-ocf is important and build the case for Samsung OSG (open source group)
PhilR: proposes to send out the press data package for the Paris AMM since the genivi communication in Paris was on the RVI project the genivi-ocf demo is part of (needs to get an English version of it)
*TODO* *PhilR get marketing materials on the rvi project from the genivi marketing team*
Sanjeev made a similar request to OCF marketing team

*wiki update & video*
PhilR: reviewed the video and suggests to split it into 2 parts: one for the tizen devices, one for the genivi-ocf demo, recommends to add logos (genivi, ocf or samsung) on the foreground
PhilR: need to update the video and text in the public wiki at https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/display/PROJ/GENIVI-OCF+Demonstrator
for instance video attached at https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/display/PROJ/Sample+proof+of+concept+on+GDP could be updated 
Sanjeev: we are considering adding a wiki page to give instructions on how to build the genivi-ocf demo

*VSI - Vehicle Signal Interface*
Sanjeev promised Magnus to look at VSI and the relevant python code base, but has not done it yet

PhilR: please create jira tickets to track all activities discussed today

Next call: scheduled on Thu 19 May at 7am CET (instead of Friday as usual)

Adjourned: 7:30am CET