What is the GENIVI Development Platform?

The GENIVI Development Platform is an Open Source project for automotive with three main goals.

  • Deliver a system developers can use to create software components for automotive.
  • A platform focused on automotive use cases to enable developers to create applications and demos targeting the industry.
  • A starter kit that can be downloaded and customized for different hardware focused in automotive use cases.

To achieve these goals, GDP has two main deliverables:

  • GDP Releases: images released regularly to make the integrated software easy to consume.
  • GDP Master: integration point where more experienced developers can build from scratch their own images.

Check a more detailed description of GDP components through the wiki page GDP In Detail

How do I contribute to the GENIVI Development Platform?

The GENIVI Development Platform is a public GENIVI OSS project, developed in the open so any individual is welcome to contribute. If you are interested in becoming a contributor:

  • Subscribe to the mailing list (strongly recommended)
    • Messages concerning GDP to genivi-projects mailing list should start the subject with: [GDP]. (So probably [GDP][PATCH] if you are submitting patches).
  • Join us in the IRC channel #automotive in irc.freenode.net (strongly recommended).
  • Get an account on GDP bugs tracker. Since this tool is also used to manage the GDP delivery, please make sure to report your bugs using the Issue Type "bug".
  • Yes but, where is the code?

How do I follow the GDP Delivery?

In order to follow the activity of the current GDP delivery team please check the following resources:

Check what others have to say about GDP and about our presence in events in GDP Out There

GDP wiki pages


About GENIVI Alliance

GENIVI® is a nonprofit industry alliance committed to driving the broad adoption of specified, open source, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) software. The alliance develops an open standard for aligning automotive and consumer infotainment cycles. Our work results in shortened development cycles, faster time to market, and reduced costs for companies developing IVI software. For more information, check GENIVI website.