FOSDEM chosen talks for 2017 in the automotive, mobile, embedded devroom



(Ab)using Google's Chromium-EC firmware for your own designs Building Franken-Chromebook-devices


Adding IEEE 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN to an Embedded Linux Device


AGL as a generic secured industrial embedded Linux Factory production line controllers requirements are not that special


Analyzing the Software Development Life-Cycle using Data-Mining Techniques


Creating the open connected car with GENIVI


Device Tailored Compositors with the QtWayland Compositor Framework


Emulate any arbitrary USB Device with no cost! Build your own USB device without dedicated hardware!


Groking the Linux SPI Subsystem


How I survived to a SoC with a terrible vendor BSP Working with jurassic kernels, missing pieces and buggy code


How to Build an Open Source Embedded Video Player


How to fix Usually Slightly Broken (USB) devices and drivers? Sniffing traffic on your USB bus


Isar: Build Debian-Based Products with BitBake


Kernel DLC Metrics, Statistic Analysis and Bug-Patterns


Loco Positioning: An OpenSource Local Positioning System for robotics Presentation with a demo of autonomous Crazylfie 2.0 quadcopter


Making Your Own Open Source Raspberry Pi HAT A Story About Open Source Harware and Open Source Software


Open Source Car Control


Secure and Safe Updates for Your Embedded Device


Software updates with OSTree Why and how


Success and Failure in Building an Open-Source Software Platform for Autonomous Driving Systems


Testing with volcanoes - Fuego+LAVA Embedded testing going distributed


TPM2.0 practical usage Using a firmware TPM 2.0 on an embedded devices