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We are currently on a weekly schedule, 30 minutes only.

(green star) Next meeting, Thursday, July 2, 2020 at 10:30 AM CE(S)T 
(30 minutes)

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Topics to be (re)scheduled:


Previous Events


Overall (project scope)


The 5 Categories of Graphics Sharing technologies

(as developed by the group so far)

Project Goals


"Complete" Table-based overview
→ Work in progress.  Decide on completion.

(tick) Define Graphics Sharing Categories

(tick) Publish Tech Brief - Shared State

(tick) Publish Tech Brief - Surface Sharing

(question) Publish Tech Brief - GPU Sharing?

(tick) Publish Tech Brief - API Remoting (with case study: RAMSES)

(tick) Publish Tech Brief - Display Sharing

(green star) Publish Tech Brief - Surface Sharing: Virtual Display?

(star) Publish Project Report and/or Whitepaper on all technologies

(tick) RAMSES Open Source Release

Use cases

Here we list some real-world functions (ideally from user perspective), to anchor the technical discussions to.

Implementations and technologies

Technology overview & current options organizes and categorizes the options for different scenarios.

Asking for: 

Evaluation Methods, Polling & Evaluation questions

Polling questions?

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