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WATCH OUT: project is actually suspended

Project Purpose

Seeking out, evaluating, consolidating and recommending Tools and Standards that support development of distributed systems with cross-domain interactions.

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Future Topics

SHDA Meeting Minutes ← use link

Definititions (from kick-off slides)

System Health
Automated monitoring and remedy of problems, wrongful behavior and
warning signs during normal operation (product is deployed)
Finding and fixing software defects, once the effect of the defect has
been noticed. (During product development).
Reporting of internal state using potentially free form, for the purpose of
understanding the system (development, sometimes in deployed product)
Structured and detailed logging of internal system state, such that it
enables automated processing (development, sometimes deployed)

Investigation Areas

Technologies to investigate

Similar projects and how SHDA relates to them

Presentation opportunities

TopicAdditional linksPresentation by:First presentation
(planned length)
Additional deep dive?
App4MCsee above

DLTGithub:daemon,viewerChristoph? (TBD)
  • Protocol history & usage (AUTOSAR)?
  • Future plans / multi-node

Car-Data Loggersee above

Franca IDL

(protocol verification with PSM)

OpenADxsee above

Trace Compasssee above

Guidersee abovePeace LeeFull presentation(no)