In addition to published specifications and code, and reference architecture information, GENIVI presents a family of technology and security-related technology briefs and whitepapers. 

These documents have also been published on the GENIVI home page.

Vehicle Domain Interaction Category

Graphic Sharing & Distributed HMI

White paper

(star) Graphics Sharing Whitepaper
WhitePaper - Graphics Sharing and Distributed HMI v2.0 (some proofreading ongoing)

This comprehensive document summarizes and compares all the studied approaches in one document. 
(The tech briefs below focus on one specific topic at a time)

Technology Briefs

(green star) 
Sharing a physical display across multiple operating systems

Published with support from Renesas

(green star) Digital Cockpit HMI Distribution Using Shared State, Independent Rendering

Published with support from Harman

(green star) Interactive Cockpit HMI using Surface Sharing

Published with support from ADIT

(green star) Distributed Graphics Control Through API Remoting

Published with support from BMW

Generic Communication Protocols Evaluation

(green star) Whitepaper and Project report:  Generic Protocols

(green star) Tech Brief: Franca / ARA::COM Interoperability

Published with support from itemis and itk

Security Category

(green star) Certificate Pinning Technology Brief

Audience: Busy professionals, software engineers, as well as managers that need a quick awareness boost about risks and mitigations around encrypted communication channels.

Published with support from Irdeto.

(green star) Man-in-the-middle Whitepaper

Audience: Security professionals, system architects and implementers that need a deeper understanding of pitfalls and risks in implementing SSL/TLS, categories of attacks, and the type of mitigation that is effective against each.

Published with support from Irdeto.