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We are now in the process of scoping and defining a workplan for a connected services project, following the workshop organized at the Spring AMM (look at presentations of the sections called "Car2Cloud" and "Blueprint for a vehicle data oriented strategy")

A project charter can be found here

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(green star) Monday, January 20, 16:00 CET


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Technical Summit

look at slides attached to GENIVI Technical Summit 2019 - Slide Decks


(green star) Webinar on W3C Auto WG & GENIVI collaboration, VSS and Vehicle Data definition future steps
      Wednesday, June 12, 1300 CEST

recording is here

Data Categories

In order to drive discussions on security / access control, sensitivity in terms of privacy, and many other aspects, it is important to be able to categorize vehicle data in groups (including multiple and overlapping views / filters / layers).   Analysis of this activity is started on this Data Bundles wiki page

Analysis of data and signal specifications (← use link)

Vehicle Data Models - Overview & Gap Analysis deliverable (← use link)

Meeting Minutes (← use link)

Vehicle Full System Architecture - Design concerns (← use link)


project backlog in Jira

Most Active Workstream 

The sections below are purely informative and relates to work performed before launching the project

Introduction – Car2Cloud Solutions for car platforms

This introduction is taken from a note prepared by Bosch.


Safety related V2V, V2I and V2N

Information related V2X systems

Automotive IoT and cloud solution

Further GENIVI Activities

Related Events

Keep a collection of events that are strongly or losely related to these topics

Open Auto Drive Forum (OADF) and the Navigation Data Standard Association (NDS),
12-13 June, 2019, in Munich


Links to related software implementations, such as FOSS licensed source code or other evidence (videos, demonstrations, ...)

History & Minutes of BoF discussions

23 January

Webinar on Eclipse Kuksa

In the first of a series of discussions on the topic of car to cloud connectivity, representatives from Bosch led a discussion focused on the Kuksa project, an Eclipse project that unifies technologies across the vehicle, IoT, cloud, and security domains in order to provide an open source ecosystem to developers addressing challenges of the electrified and connected vehicle era. In-vehicle and cloud applications as well as their development infrastructure, maintenance approaches, security, and over-the-air (OTA) update and upgrade management are, with a few exceptions, completely within the scope of Eclipse Kuksa. 

The slidedek on kuksa is here

A recording of the discussion is provided there as well (this a zip file, open it and click on zoom0)

21 January 2019

CES - Las Vegas debrief
Philippe had a short sync about the neutral vehicle data server in High Mobility booth at CES. Kevin said HM was just awarded by Daimler to provide Mercedes cars data to customers (like insurance companies) through their neutral server (look at: https://medium.com/high-mobility/high-mobility-enables-third-party-services-to-mercedes-benz-customers-2d71eb7a005c). The business model is HM paid Daimler for the vehicle data and charges customers for the vehicle data there can access. Kevin said also that Daimler awarded a similar contract to otonomo (https://otonomo.io/pr/daimler-partners-with-otonomo-to-provide-connected-car-drivers-with-new-services-while-delivering-on-the-promise-of-data-privacy/). It is worth noting that these contracts are not PoCs, there are a full-scale deployment of a neutral vehicle data server

19 December

3 December

19 November

16  November

V2X/Mobility - liaison with OCF

A call was scheduled on Friday 16 Nov at 4:30pm CET

7 November

V2X/Mobility/Smart City

Radio Technology Standardization Organisations    

C2C-CC - Car-to-Car Communication Consortium

ISO 20078  Extended Vehicle (ExVe)


High Mobility


24  October

1- Existing ecosystem

2- Review of TODOs

19 September

ISO work on Extended Vehicle


BMW vehicle big data architecture

gavda project

13  September

1- Bosch update

2- Review of TODOs

5 September

1- Ecosystem of projects

2- Next steps - which projects to follow / work with

3- TODOs

8 August

During the board call, Gerald set the scope of the topic in his paper (see introduction on top of page).  However, he saw the comments in the survey about Car to cloud and considers this part of the V2X topic.  Autosar is already looking into this topic, and he does not think V2X is a focus for GENIVI.  He believes that this needs to be interoperable.  The W3C together with GENIVI is working on protocols and sensor information along with software elements and middleware.  If we go with this topic, we need to define the architecture. Together with the infrastructure side, we could put something together with the Car to cloud topic.   We need to think about this in a general context, and Steve asked if anyone is doing any work in this area.  Bosch is involved in some of this and Siemens is also doing something on the infrastructure side of V2X. Harman is also working on this.  

Steve asks if we attack this more broadly, does it seem like a compelling scope to work on ? Kyle says it’s similar to how we approached instrument clusters, and he has some V2X people at Harman asking what they can get from GENIVI.  We could do some reference apps around this, but it’s different than what we have done before.  Gerald says it would be hard to predict, but he feels some companies would embrace this. Should we offer this as a supplemental strategy, if yes how would we do that?  The first step would be to tackle the Car to Cloud topic.  Do we have a description of what’s included so that we can combine this?  Steve says it makes sense to combine this as it would be broadly attractive.  We will get Philippe and Gunnar and some other Board members involved to see what is more implementable and communicate that. 

Action:  Gerald and Gunnar and Phillipe to convene and talk about more detail on the V2X/Cloud to Car topic and include any Board members who are interested.

27 June

During the board meeting, a decision to dig into V2XD/Mobility topic was made and Bosch volunteered to bootstrap on this


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