Tools Team Meeting F2F at Stuttgart AMM 20150422

The first part of the Tools Team Meeting (TTM) was private, and minuted on GENIVI's internal wiki. However the attendees noted that the intention is that this team can and should work in the open. After appointment of Paul Sherwood as team lead, it was agreed that the further discussion would be best documented in public, hence these minutes go to the public list [1] and documentation relevant to this work should be based on the public wiki [2]

Since there was some discussion about how best to organize the team and to conduct its work, we did not cover the full agenda. I'd like to request that Klaus publish the agenda either on the list or on the wiki in time for the next call, and we can begin to work through it then. (ACTION Klaus)

My notes from the key discussion points were:

- SDK, Common Development Environment There was some discussion about what is the GENIVI Demo Platform SDK? And what is an SDK in general, and how this relates to Common Development Environment? The key action was to take further discussion at the BIT meeting which followed this meeting. ACTION PS chase up any results from that, at next TTM.

- Documentation the team believe it would be useful to gather descriptions of use-cases and ways of working, so that new or lost users can get up to speed quickly and learn from the work and thinking that has already been done. For example one attendee works on his own pc with his own tools, another uses yocto to create his environment, and ezbuild was mentioned as a way to create a docker container for yocto.

[It was not explicitly clarified at the meeting, but I invite attendees (particularly the ones who mentioned their own approaches) and other readers to take a look at the public wiki [2] and create at least holding pages for the kinds of information they'd like to see. Note that some of this info may be found in upstream locations so links to those would also be of interest. Action TT]

A key idea was to document use-cases, and this led to the possibility of us sending a questionnaire to known users soliciting information. At least one attendee volunteered to send some use-cases to the genivi-projects list [1].

- The attendees considered that Eclipse is the de-facto IDE used on GENIVI-based projects. Other approaches are possible (eg. command-line or other IDE), but the meeting concluded that it would be sensible to explicitly recommend Eclipse as the default IDE for GENIVI projects. In addition attendees considered that it would be beneficial to aim for a standardised Eclipse release (with ongoing updates as appropriate) including all of the GENIVI-specific plugins. This would reduce friction for users and avoid unnecessary wrestling with incompatible versions. I don't think we established how best to make this happen, though. ACTION discuss next meeting.

- public wiki Use of public wiki by default for contributions by the TT was agreed, subject to us clarifying via genivi-dev that we can conduct this work publicly. ACTION PS (done [3])

- deprecate internal wiki pages We agreed to begin deprecating internal wiki pages for specific projects.

 - Yamaica to migrate to public wiki ACTION Manfred
 - Franca, ACTION Klaus to check the situation for this.

- tools for public hosting At the risk of re-starting the wiki-wars, we wondered whether we could use Confluence for public infrastructure (believed free for Open Source projects), instead of media-wiki. This would make migration of wiki pages from internal to public much easier (at the price of creating work to convert current pages). Action PS to ask this on genivi-dev and the projects list.

Next meeting will be Monday 27th April, 3pm CET.

I expect I may have missed or mangled some things - please correct me by replying on the list.

br Paul

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